Monthly Archives: August 2007

Big Weekend

I’m looking forward to the weekend ahead, even if I might encounter food issues. I plan to get a lot of exercise… playing with the family, going on a little hike, and walking on the beach. I won’t be weighing in tomorrow. No scale. Oh NO! But I’ll be back with that next Saturday.

I wish you all good luck this weekend!


Planning for Dessert

My son picked a gallon of blackberries… oh my goodness! I’m looking at trouble tonight. As I’m typing I have a big blackberry crisp in the oven. It’s my aunt’s birthday tonight, so after church we’ll all gather together and have a potluck of desserts set before us.

Right now I’m planning my best defense. I plan to eat a very light dinner. Possibly a small tossed vegie salad with a small piece of grilled chicken… no dressing. I know I want some of this warm blackberry crisp… so I’m planning on a small serving. I don’t want to binge on it later, and I see that could be a problem if I deny myself some of it when everyone else is eating some.

Okay… I’m off. It’s dinner time. I’ll try to stick with my plan and not go over board.

A Better Day

As far as the food and exercise… or lack of… goes, yesterday was a much better day than Sunday. I stuck to a sensible eating plan and I got up and moved quite a bit.

I couldn’t help but step on the scale first thing in the morning. No change in weight from Sunday to Monday! I have the feeling that if I gained from Sunday, it didn’t show up overnight, but I haven’t stepped on the scale today.

Last night I got in a pretty good workout while I watched Fat March. I was sad to see Will was voted off, but I could see everyone’s point of view… if they kept him, they would have to walk 11 extra miles. It’s still too bad. I hope he’s continuing to walk… and lose.

Last night I was so encouraged by my 5 minute workouts and healthier eating, I slept really good, and that helped me wake up with a great attitude this morning! I am off to a good start today. I’m ready for the rest of the week… bring it on!

Two Ways to Look at This Situation

Okay, so here it is the end of the day…. and it wasn’t a very good day as far as any weight loss program goes.  Breakfast was okay, I had a bowl of cereal instead of our usual Sunday morning bacon, eggs, biscuits, gravy, etc…

My dinner choice was not too terrible… salmon with steamed vegies.

Oh NO… I Can’t Believe I Ate That!

  • blooming onion – shared with hubby
  • 2 pomegranate lemonades
  • 1/2 a loaf of  fresh baked bread with butter
  • vanilla cappuccino GRANDE!
  • ice cream cone
  • angel food cake with creamy pistachio icing
  • 24 oz cherry limeade
  • doritos

All day I kept thinking  I could have made a better choice. Then I’d eat something else I knew wasn’t very healthy.

So I have a couple of choices now.

  1. I can see this as the beginning of a long week, which is how I was viewing it as I logged into wordpress tonight.
  2. I can see this as the end of today… and tomorrow is the beginning of a whole new day.

 I think I’ll chose option two.  It sounds like I have a brighter future ahead when I look at tomorrow as a whole new day. I’m off to bed, before I eat anything else that I have to add to that list.