Monthly Archives: October 2007

Total Body Workout

I found my workout people! Total Body Sculpt with Gilad. Oh yeah! I love it! I’m motivated! Today’s morning workout included a warm up, some hand weights, and we targeted the lower body, abs, and upper body. WOW! Honest to goodness, I might not be able to lift a cup of coffee tomorrow, but I’m downing the water and I cooled down with some extra stretching, so I think I’m good to go.

LOL I just read what I wrote and had to laugh at myself. Of course it targeted the lower body, abs and upper body… it’s a total body workout. DUH lol I have to be honest, I have a variety of weights, but I’m only using the light weights right now.  I won’t worry about that right now. I’m so happy I found something I can do and enjoy.


Sticking With the Basics

I love to cook! However, I’m having a time finding yummy foods to cook that aren’t loaded with extra calories. I’ve decided I’m sticking with the basics for the next month. We’ll have basic fruits and vegies. I think I’ll serve a lot of raw vegies, possibly in a salad. I make a yummy low cal dressing for me. The family can stick to their favorite ranch dressing. Along with the basic vegies, I’m planning on serving fish, poultry, or meat. I’ll grill or bake the protein.

Foods I won’t be serving this next month:

  • white potatoes
  • rice
  • sugar or anything with sugar in it
  • flour or anything with flour in it… basically no gravy or sauces, nothing baked and no bread

I will eat oatmeal or bran cereal for breakfast. And I love squash and yams, so we’ll have squash and yams added to our menu.

I’m making these changes because my hubby has a high sugar count. Well, that’s not the only reason. I’m not enjoying cooking nearly as much since I have to look for low cal recipes. It’s become a chore. I don’t want to feel like cooking is a chore… then it’s just not worth it.

To Market to Market

How sad… my favorite fruit market is going to be closing soon. I stopped in today and picked up several bags of fruits and vegetables.

They had a big sign advertising honeycrisp apples. My youngest son saw that sign and was really excited to purchase some of those. I was really pleased by this! I bought a bunch of them. I figure if they are as good as I’ve heard they are, we are going to need a drawer full in the fridge.

As soon as I got home, we washed up a couple of the honeycrisp apples… Mmmmm! Crispy and sweet. They remind us of Gala  or Jonagold apples. I think my favorite is a JonaGold, crispy, sweet, with a perfect amount of tartness.

Right now, my fridge is packed with fruits and vegies… it’s  so pretty! I love it when it looks so pretty and inviting… oh wow. I’m excited and babbling on about fruits and vegies.

Blogging Instead of Eating

Sooooo… some days are better than others. Today was extremely stressful. I could have been online catching up with my bloggie buddies, but I chose to raid the fridge instead. I could have gone on a walk… walked right away from the stress at home. But I didn’t.  I could have called a friend… blah blah! I could have done a lot of things. But I didn’t. I sat here doing absolutely nothing. Nothing at all.

 Now I’m trying to figure out why I react like this when I’m stressed. It’s a vicious cycle. I stress… I eat…. then I stess because I ate… then I eat some more. Why oh why?

I’m a stay at home mom. I use to take pride in my homekeeping skills. My home was spotless. My life was organized. Not very often I’d have an off day. That would be the day DH would come home and ask what I did all day long….

Whoa. I’d be like… did I just hear what I thought I heard?

Sure enough. He actually had the nerve to ask what I’d done all day. The first few years if that happened, I took my anger out by cleaning house, organizing drawers, deep… deep cleaning. Then things happened in our life and he’d say something about my lack of abilities to keep a clean home or my parenting skills and I rebelled against him. Well… let me tell ya, that’s not a good reaction. It’s self defeating. It didn’t take just a few short months and my house was a disaster. I’m still having a hard time keeping it as neat and organized as it use to be.

This is the same reaction I have when it comes to me… taking care of me. I thought I was through with the negative reactions. I thought I was through the self defeating actions. What good does it do me to sit on my butt doing nothing. What good does it do me to raid the fridge? If I give up on my homekeeping…. if I give up on me… he wins. Is that what I want? 

I know I can over come this. Tomorrow is a new day…