Monthly Archives: February 2008

Sorry, You’re Too Fat To Eat Here

A Mississippi state lawmaker wants to ban restaurants from serving food to obese customers – but please, don’t be offended.

My goodness. My thoughts about this are fairly random….

  • Shouldn’t lawmakers be spending their time on more important issues…. reducing crime.
  • Deal with health insurance issues first.
  • Is the state going to supplement the restaurant’s loss of revenue?
  • Spend your state money to give fat people access to a gym.
  • Start a program to encourage obese people to participate in state funded organized support groups.
  • Not all obese people are fat because they over eat… hmmmm…. let me see… lack of exercise certainly has something to do with it.
  • How do you determine who’s obese? *Step on the scale sir… Okay. Now let me check this BMI chart*
  • What is the punishment for letting obese people eat in a restaurant? Community service? Time in the pokey?

I could go on… and on…. but I won’t. This is worse than the whole ‘big brother’s watching you’ issue, if you ask my opinion.

Yeah… some things just make ya go hmmmm….


Healthy You 2008 Challenge Week Five

My Scale Laughed at Me. Okay. It didn’t really. But if it could have….

Okay, so I didn’t gain or lose any. Ha. I probably lost a bit, but then gained it all back. This past week or so, I haven’t been keeping tabs on what I’m eating.

No loss means I need to lose 10 lbs in the next three and a half weeks, to meet my goal of losing 10 lbs by February 29th.  I have no doubts I can manage that, if I make a commitment to do it.

I’ve been getting in the exercise and drinking more water than usual. Not enough. I need to start measuring the water. I do very well on my program, when I measure out the amount of water I need to drink. So, tonight before I go to bed, I’ll do that for tomorrow.   

As far as the exercise… I managed the 30 minutes 3x this week.  That along with my regular program of exercising during the commercial breaks. I really feel better when I get up and move!

I’ve checked in… a few hours early. Who knows, maybe if I waited to weigh in tomorrow morning, I’d show a loss. Oh well… there we have it. Tonight I’m working on my plan for the next week. Without a plan, I’m basically falling back into old eating habits…

Have a great week everyone!