Monthly Archives: March 2008

Family Update

Busy life… 

We get together and do the dance dance revolution once in awhile. My boys have installed a pullup bar and they are often doing some sort of competition here and there, pull ups, running, crunches, etc…  They continue to swim twice a week.

Hubby and I walk almost daily.  It’s been good for us. Not only do we get in at least 30 minutes of exercise, but we spend that time talking. I’m really glad we started our walking program together.

Our family has different needs. My 22 year old needed to gain weight. He started working out and running, and eating a much more healthy diet. He has managed to gain about 5 lbs since January 1st. 

My 19 year old could lose a few pounds. He’s about 6’1″ and on the chubby side. He’s been eating healthier. I can see he’s trimmed down a little.

My 17 year old is about 6’2 1/2″ and still growing. He’s really trimmed  down since we all started our healthy makeovers. He eats pretty healthy now days and his activity level is petty high. He’s on the track team and he’s in a body conditioning class.

I weigh in at 251 this morning. I haven’t given up on my plan of getting up and moving during the commercial breaks of my favorite television shows. That’s where I started… and it’s changed my life. We are more active as a family. We are healthier over all, and  I think it has helped our relationships as a family. Amazing… 

Thank you for the emails checking on me. I’m okay.  My life has been crazy busy lately. My 22 year old moved out to the Midwest a couple weeks ago. My mom is ill, she’s moved in with us for awhile, so I can take care of her. I have a lot on my plate right now, and I don’t always have time to get online to post in my blog. I apologize for not keeping up better. My apology is somewhat for me… I need to write. I need to take better care to make time for me. Right now I don’t know how to do that. So… for now I log off.