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The Right Diet Plan For Me

After a lot of thought and consideration about my diet plan, I have decided to go on the Atkins plan. I read a couple of the Atkins books. The Atkins plan has been in the news quite a bit here in the last couple weeks because of a new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine.   Seeing the results of the two year study helped me with my decision. Those on the Atkins diet improved their cholesterol and lost weight.

This isn’t going to be that much of a change. We’ve been cutting out white bread, white rice, and sugar… for the most part anyway. This next couple of weeks I’m on what the plan refers to as the induction phase. I cut my carbs down to a maximum of 20 carbs a day.  Basically about 3 cups of non-starchy vegies each day along with my meats, cheese, and eggs.

I know a couple people on the Atkins plan and they are doing great. It’s wonderful to have a local support group!

I’m excited!


Weighing In – July 29, 2008

Weigh in 7/22/08

  • Starting weight 268
  • Today’s weight 256
  • Weekly weight loss 2 pounds
  • Total weight loss 12 pounds

    What have I done well this week?

    • I’ve managed to stay active this week! I wasn’t 100% on my schedule, but so much better than I’ve been doing.
    • On Friday I tagged along with dear hubby as he checked on a project in downtown Seattle. Since we were gone all day, I planned a healthy picnic. Planning ahead is really helping me stick with the program! A picnic with a great view, followed up with a walk on the waterfront was a bonus to my day!
    • Sunday night we celebrated my DIL’s 40th birthday and I skipped the cake and ice cream. I have seen a lot about frosting shots in the news this week, and believe me, when I bought the cupcakes for the party, I was seriously tempted to try a frosting shot. Then I thought about all that work I’ve been doing and how much I wanted to see a loss on the scale. Thinking about it helped me make the decision to skip the frosting shot. When I went to bed that night I felt like I had really accomplished something big.
    • Last night we celebrated my son’s 18th birthday with dinner at the Outback restaurant.  The night before, I looked up the menu online. I found some nutritional information for my Outback menu favorites, and  made my dinner selection the night before we went out to eat. I know that sounds like an over the top idea, but it worked for me. I stayed on plan!

    Where I want to make improvements this next week:

    • Oh my gosh, I need to work on several things.  I have issues. I don’t know exactly how to change my thinking, unless I talk this out, and make the decision to change. Here’s the deal. I know I had a good week. For some reason, in my mind,  I feel like I need a reward or something. Then I don’t do so well the next week.  I want to accept my accomplishments, without slacking off this week.  
    • Hmmmm…. just typing that out, I realize what I can do. I can reward myself with’something’ rather than slacking off. How silly. Reward myself for having one good week. Anyway, I’m going to reward myself with an evening doing exactly what I want, with anyone I want to, but sticking with diet and exercise.
    • I need to make time to journal, and check on my fellow bloggers.
    • I must drink more water.

    What have I learned this week?

    Same thing as last week, planning ahead is essential for me to stick with my plan. If I hadn’t preplanned my Outback dinner, I would have been way too tempted by all the other choices on the menu. Since I knew in advance of going into the restaurant, I didn’t even look at the menu items I knew would be too tempting.

    Weekly Check In July 22, 2008

    Weigh in 7/22/08

  • Starting weight 268
  • Today’s weight 258
  • Weekly weight loss 1 pounds
  • Total weight loss 10 pounds
  • What have I done well this week?

    • I sorted my kitchen to make it more healthy food friendly. Our pantry was loaded with all sorts of bad foods. I now have my section of the pantry and the refrigerator. Healthy food is within easy reach, and the not-so-good stuff is more difficult to see and to get to.
    • In my effort to set myself up for success, with the help of my family, we arranged our family room so our home gym equipment is center stage.
    • I have planned a weeks worth of menus. Oh this has helped so much. I shouldn’t have any more of those nights where I’m standing in front of the open refrigerator door, trying to figure out what is for dinner. I also planned my weekend snacks, so when we are out and about, we won’t be stopping into Burger King for a whopper, because we are famished.

    Where I want to make improvements this next week:

    • No soda. I know. This was on last weeks list too. This is where I really have to make a change. I grabbed a soda, poured it over ice, and it was half gone, when all of a sudden I was like… OH. WAIT! Well, easily remedied, I dumped it out, and filled up with water.
    • Strength training. I managed a couple days, but that is it. I had it in my schedule, but I let it go by without doing it.

     What have I learned this week?

    Planning is essential to to learning good lifestyle habits. I’m so set in my unhealthy habits, I need a good plan to learn the healthy lifestyle habits. For example, the menu is essential to my healthy lifestyle. Planning ahead, so I have healthy food with me, in case of a snack attack, when there isn’t anything around, other than fast food restaurants.

    Center Stage Because It’s Time To Workout

    This weekend we arranged our space once again. Last year I wrote about setting myself up for success. The following day I moved my elliptical machine stage left. We were using it daily because it was that convenient. Sometime during the past few months, the poor thing was moved out of the way and she started gathering dust. Well, she’s no longer stage left… she’s center stage! Sorry… no photos this time, but she’s right out center stage, along with the gazelle, in the best location for television viewing!

    I know, I’ve heard all the comments about staying focused on the workout and my muscles when I’m working out. Well guess what… if I’m not on it, I’m not exercising and I’m certainly not focusing on my muscles.

    Since moving her center stage, we are working out once again. I may be focusing on the television and not on exercising my muscles, but I’m working out instead of sitting on my big fat butt. I’ll focus on my muscles when I’m doing my strength training. Funny thing, when I’m watching a good movie while I’m on the elliptical machine, the time flies by. 

    Our room is fairly big, so I have a huge open space for working out. I love it! It looks like a cozy gym, instead of a family room.  I still have the sofa, and three big recliners in there, so it’s really a family home gym. It makes me laugh when I think what our family will say when they see it.  We shouldn’t get bored with our workouts now.

    The workout DVDs and weights are all organized and look good in the room, but are convenient, instead of hidden away.  We hooked up the game system again, so as a family, we can do the dance dance revolution workout.  Oh now that is addictive! I could spend all day trying to beat my previous score. 

    I love it now that we rearranged the space!  It’s so true, when we set ourselves up for success, it’s hard to fail.