Refreshing My Kitchen

My kitchen was fairly bare of anything when I got home… imagine that. I leave an 18 year old home alone and expect to come home to a stocked kitchen? Well not really. 

I stocked up on fresh fruits and vegetables. I found a great deal on danish squash, so I bought a few of them. YUM. I am so looking forward to my Sunday dinner!

Now I’m packing up the kitchen as I get ready for our upcoming move. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not. As far as the stress level goes, if I get it done, I can check it off the list. But what about cooking for the next month?

I think I can get by with a casserole dish, a couple of pans, coffee pot, a knife, cutting board, and a can opener. We will see. I hope this decision doesn’t have an adverse affect on my healthy eating plan.


2 responses to “Refreshing My Kitchen

  1. Easy solution… if you find that you didn’t keep quite enough kitchen gear out of the moving boxes, head to your local thrift store. Buy what you need, then donate it back before you move!

    Danish squash are yummy! Good choice!

    I like to cut them in half, seed them, brush the cut ends with a little olive oil and bake, cut side down at 400F for about 40-50 minutes. Add a little salt and pepper and enjoy!

  2. Great tip! I hadn’t thought of that, but will make a note of it just in case.

    I know, aren’t they yummy! So easy to prepare and so naturally sweet, they are almost like dessert instead of a vegetable.

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