Starting Over One More Time

Oh wow. It seems like I had things under control.  I was losing weight and feeling stronger, with a lot more energy. I’m consistently eating the right foods, doing a morning walk, doing all the right things.

Then one day I wake up, (this morning) drag myself to the kitchen, and realize I have not one healthy food in my cabinets. What? What….!?  When did this happen?

So this is it. My new beginning.

Easter Sunday… and because it is a holiday, I’m logging off for now to go spend time with my family. But I wanted to take a moment to make a commitment to my new beginnings.


3 responses to “Starting Over One More Time

  1. Almost all of us have *start over* moments somewhere in this process. Go re-stock those cabinets and don’t fret.

    Those books/articles that tell you that good habits can be set in 30 days? Yeah, you can develop a good habit in that time, but it’s just as easy to slip out of a good habit in 30 days as well!

    The good news is that the longer you can keep up your healthier habits, the easier it is to just slide back into them after a lapse. So hang in there and you’ll be back where you were in no time!

  2. Cynthia, thank you! It’s good to hear it’s easier to slide back into the good habits. For now, I think I’m going to be kind of boring as I write about my daily journey to get back on track. But I think it will help me get back into my good habits more quickly.

  3. I never worry about being boring, I think just posting helps keep one accountable.

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