So – So Weekend

We have healthy food in the house! Oh what a difference it makes to have healthy food on hand. The pantry was cleaned out and all snack foods were gone. I guess I should have talked to hubby because he thought he was being helpful last night and brought home my favorite snacky-type foods… cheetos! Oh no! He also bought a few bags of chips, and soda. My biggest problem though. He bought my all time favorite candy. York peppermint patties. OH No! Not just one! Noooo… I have a bag of them.

I managed to get in a lot of exercise on Saturday, but I didn’t do a thing on Sunday. Not even a walk around the house.

We had a lot of family and friends here helping us around the house on Saturday, and a big pizza party on Saturday night. Oh no! This morning my scale read 260, so I’m exactly where I started last week.

Only thing is, I’m up and moving again, so I’m not really where I started last week. When I look at the scale, there was no change. However, my body feels different. It isn’t taking everything I have to make it through a workout.

I’m excited to get this week off on a good roll. We are in the midst of an extremely hectic month. With our schedule tonight, there is no way to manage a home cooked meal, so we are picking up Subway. Mmmm! A light Subway sandwich, packed with all the vegies. Oh yum!  Along with a side of  sliced apples and a tall glass of water, I am looking forward to my dinner tonight!

We’ll have a housefull of friends and family this next weekend too. I’m planning ahead this time. There will be no pizza on the menu! This weekend may have been so-so, but my next weekend will be fantastic!


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