Keeping On Keeping On

Not much to update you with me. I weighed in and all is good. I’ve been keeping up with my daily workout and long walks.

My walk yesterday was through the halls of the trauma center in Seattle. One of my lifelong girlfriends was in a car accident and airlifted to the hospital this past week.

She’s swollen… broken… bruised… and there are what looked like a dozen tubes connected to her. We stood next to her bed and talked quietly. She isn’t conscious.  I wanted to hold her hand. But I refrained from touching her for fear of hurting her even more.

She has been conscious a time or two this past few days. Even though she has a serious head injury,  she knows who she is. She knows she is moving into a new home. She knows the colors in her new home. They think she is going to be okay.

Will she walk? Her back is broken and she hasn’t moved her right leg. She has broken arms, ribs, collar bone, etc.

I’m thinking of selling my car with the sunroof. She is blessed to be alive.

Blessed to have family and friends by her side.

I’m stressed. I’m not over eating due to stress. This has had the opposite effect on me this time… I haven’t got an appetite for anything. I just walk.


One response to “Keeping On Keeping On

  1. Sorry to hear about your friend! I hope she’ll come through this OK!

    I’m not surprised you lost your appetite! Lots to think about on your walks I’m sure! Life is so fragile, it’s important to enjoy.

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