Decisions Decisions! Eat This or Eat That?

We are in the midst of a life changing move here. I know, in past months I mentioned we were moving. We ended up not moving back then. Now we are in the midst of moving. Oh my goodness! Thirty years in the same home.  This move has been fairly hectic. We are about to have one whale of a moving sale. I’m tired of sorting and packing. Now I’m sorting and flinging. Flylady would be proud of my new attitude.

Add in the stresses of life… such as I mentioned in yesterday’s post.  Plus the joys of  prom week and tux fittings. I know.  I know. An 18 year old can get his own tux fitted… but hey, it’s a photo op for mom 😉 I’m finding it difficult to figure out meals. Not only healthy meals… I’m talking about meals for the family.  I do not know how to do this.

More than one day this past week I had to tell the boys dinner is in the freezer.  Thank goodness for healthy choices.  But there have been times I haven’t been home at meal time. More than once this week we’ve done the drive through at a greasy burger joint.  Well. Thank goodness for a little government involvement in some aspects of our lives.  The calorie count is posted right there on the menu. So going through the drive through now, I can figure out what I want to eat, based on the calorie count. I didn’t realize this until last night. Where have I been?

Based on the calorie count, I chose a fried sampler  over the burger I generally order. I saved myself about 1,000 calories! Who would have thought it. I know… deep fried. I know! It won’t happen often. But we had to eat while we were driving down the freeway… I can’t do healthy subway while eating in the car. It doesn’t work for me.  Good thing about the deep fried sampler. I shared it with hubby, saving even more calories than I would have with a burger and fries.

Today my decisions were made early. I’m packing extra carrot sticks, apples, and string cheese into my ice chest.  Plus I am scheduling dinner into my busy plans.


One response to “Decisions Decisions! Eat This or Eat That?

  1. Packing food is the way to go. It helps you plan out your meals and organize your eating times.

    You also save a lot of money!

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