this is meThat’s right! This is all about me! Not that I like to draw attention to myself. Okay, so maybe I do.

Anyway, about me. I’m fat and I know it. I have 100 pounds to lose. Ohmygosh! Did I just admit that in public? 100 pounds!

I’ve decided to do something about it. What is my motivation?

  1. Well, I want to feel better than I do tonight.
  2. I want to look better than I do tonight.
  3. I want my hunny to look at me with that twinkle in his eye and flirt with me from across the room.
  4. I want to buy cute clothes from Macy’s that aren’t in the fat girl section!
  5. I want to get on an airplane and not have everyone wonder if they are going to be stuck by the ‘fat girl’.
  6. My best friend is losing weight, and I want to be able to keep up with her when she goes for a walk!
  7. I want to be a healthy mommy!

That’s it for now. I’ll add more later.


3 responses to “Me-Me-Me!

  1. Great reasons! And you have a great smile too : )

  2. Dr. Amy Aldridge Sanford

    Hello. I am a university professor who is conducting research on WEIGHT LOSS BLOGGERS AND THE ROLE BLOGGING HAS PLAYED IN THE BLOGGER’S WEIGHT LOSS.

    As you may be aware, a lot of research has been done over the years on weight loss but very little has been done on blogging and weight loss. I hope you will help me remedy this.

    I have chosen you as a potential research participant because you have a weight loss blog, have a weight loss goal of 100 pounds or more, and have been blogging for at least three months.

    If you choose to participate in this study, you will be asked to complete a survey that I will email you. Your answers will be completely confidential and I will use a pseudonym of your choice in the final study.

    I have an information sheet about the study I would be happy to share with you. Please email me at if you would like to take a look at it.

    Thank you for your time and best of luck to you on your weight loss journey.

    Amy Aldridge Sanford, PhD
    Assistant Professor of Communication Studies
    Northeastern State University
    Tahlequah, OK

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