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Late Night Victory

We met up with some of our friends tonight at our favorite Italian restaurant. Generally I share something to eat with my dear hubby when we meet up late night at the restaurant. But here lately I’ve been cutting out the late night snacks. Not only late night snacks, but I’m practicing not eating anything after 8:00.

Tonight was a real victory for me. I wasn’t hungry… and I didn’t even nibble on anything. I enjoyed my visit with our friends over a few cups of coffee… okay, so there are calories in my creamer. I’ll add the count to my daily calorie intake, and I’m still doing okay for the day.

Anyway, I can see how the little changes I’m making in my habits are making a difference in how I feel and my attitude. I’m excited to feel the progress!


I’ve Been Super-Sized by Crate & Barrel

Today at lunch time I was making my sandwich with whole grain bread from my favorite bakery. It’s made with whole grains, nuts, and flax seeds. There are zero trans fats and no high fructose corn syrup.  It’s high in fiber and not too high in calories.

The loaf of bread is larger than a regular loaf of bread, so the sandwich is large. I piled it with fresh sliced vegies and a couple ounces of sliced chicken breast. When I put my sandwich on my plate, my very large sandwich looked so small. 

Normally I’d pile some chips on my plate and possibly a serving of fruit to go along with. Well, when I realized how large my sandwich was, but how small it looked on the dinner plate, I knew something is all wrong.

It’s the size of my dinner plates! They are huge… no really. They are absolutely humongous!   So then I got to thinking about my coffee mugs. Oh how I love my huge mugs. But there ya go… that’s just it. They are huge. 

Okay, so you get the picture… my entire dinnerware set is super sized. 

Tonight I switched out my dinnerware for my old corelle dishes. It almost looks like I’m setting out the kiddie dishes, when they are next to our big size dinnerware. 

I use to eat on our small corelle luncheon plates and that’s what I’ll start doing again. If my plate is full, there is the chance I may eat fewer calories and yet feel full at the end of the meal.

Pantry Raid

Last fall I went through the process of creating a healthy kitchen pantry and refrigerator. 

Well, since I decided to re-evaluate my plan, I figured one good place to start is by going through my pantry and refrigerator once again. During the past holidays, I set myself up for failure on any type of weight loss diet. Our pantry and fridge were stock full of bad things… sugary cereals, boxes of hostess goodies, Chocolate chip cookies, potato chips, chocolate candy bars, alfredo sauce,  almond roca, and the list goes on… and on…

I’ve managed to toss some of it, and restock my pantry and fridge with several healthier choices. I’ve also written up a modified menu.

I have found several of the recipe websites that list the nutrition for the recipe. A couple of my favorite websites for low calorie recipes are the website and with the nutritional comparison chart. 

On the recipezaar website, with  just a few clicks on different recipes, it was easy to compare the nutritional info. I can choose lighter calorie versions of my favorite recipes. Southwestern Chicken is on my menu this week. Oh this sounds sooo good!

Well, this is one step toward a real diet plan… I have a long way to go, but I feel like I’m definately on my way to a healthier me. 

Two Ways to Look at This Situation

Okay, so here it is the end of the day…. and it wasn’t a very good day as far as any weight loss program goes.  Breakfast was okay, I had a bowl of cereal instead of our usual Sunday morning bacon, eggs, biscuits, gravy, etc…

My dinner choice was not too terrible… salmon with steamed vegies.

Oh NO… I Can’t Believe I Ate That!

  • blooming onion – shared with hubby
  • 2 pomegranate lemonades
  • 1/2 a loaf of  fresh baked bread with butter
  • vanilla cappuccino GRANDE!
  • ice cream cone
  • angel food cake with creamy pistachio icing
  • 24 oz cherry limeade
  • doritos

All day I kept thinking  I could have made a better choice. Then I’d eat something else I knew wasn’t very healthy.

So I have a couple of choices now.

  1. I can see this as the beginning of a long week, which is how I was viewing it as I logged into wordpress tonight.
  2. I can see this as the end of today… and tomorrow is the beginning of a whole new day.

 I think I’ll chose option two.  It sounds like I have a brighter future ahead when I look at tomorrow as a whole new day. I’m off to bed, before I eat anything else that I have to add to that list.