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I Can Do This

I’m up for some motivating pep talk here! LOL I am feeling so much better than I was. Oh yeah! I have been up and exercising early the past couple days and I feel great at the end of my workouts. I even got on the elliptical machine today! Yeah! I’m telling ya, it feels good to get up and exercise! 

I’m only doing 30 minutes for now… all cardio. However, I did some lower body strength training yesterday, but I kept it pretty simple. Nothing too intense at this point. I need to figure out a strength training program soon. My boys have been working on a bowflex and they love it. I’m thinking that might be what I need to do too.

Anyway, I was almost giving up on the couch to 5K program…  I was really wiped out for awhile. I guess it was all flu related. I’m feeling so strong now, I’m sure I can do this! I’ll give myself until Monday before I get back to running…. I’m starting all over from the beginning. I’m excited! And I’m still motivated!! Getting out and running with my daughter is a super motivator for me!


Couch to 5K Taking it Slooooooow

Oh my gosh… okay, I’ve been getting in some good workouts this week, even on a day when I had a massive headache. But my couch to 5K program is slow at best. Oh my goodness! It’s hard!!! I always feel like I’ve actually accomplished something at the end of my little workout, even though I am taking it much slower than the program schedule calls for. What can I say?  I’m old and fat and my body doesn’t want to get up and run like a 20 year old anymore. Maybe if I was just old or just fat. But I’m fat and old. LOL Old? LOL

I’m sticking with it. I’m going to be up and running with my family by the time they arrive back home for the holidays!

What Did I Get Myself Into

Okay, I’m just going to say this. I didn’t finish today’s plan of jogging 60 seconds every other minute…. but I feel great! I’m off the couch… out of the recliner!

Ohmygosh…. alright, I’m a little bit gabbier than that so of course I’m going to expound on this whole experience. This is really hard and I have been working out several minutes a day for the past month. As I was lacing up my shoes I wondered what are the neighbors going to think? 

Seriously… I looked at the plan…. and wondered what did I get myself into.  

Well, lucky me, nobody on the driveway was home! They missed the side show today. They didn’t see me huffing and puffing as if I was about to take my last breath. 

Now that it’s over, and I’m breathing pretty normal again (it took all afternoon to get back to normal), what do I think? I think I’m not going to run in my driveway again…. it’s all uphill. Oh until I head home… then it’s all downhill, except where I have to run up the hill to my house. Oh no. This isn’t happening again. My plan must be modified. Me? Modifying my plan again. How unusual.

Original plan… the official couch to 5K plan: Brisk five-minute warmup walk. Then alternate 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for a total of 20 minutes.

New plan? Well… it’s a work in progress.