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Healthy You 2008 Challenge Week Five

My Scale Laughed at Me. Okay. It didn’t really. But if it could have….

Okay, so I didn’t gain or lose any. Ha. I probably lost a bit, but then gained it all back. This past week or so, I haven’t been keeping tabs on what I’m eating.

No loss means I need to lose 10 lbs in the next three and a half weeks, to meet my goal of losing 10 lbs by February 29th.  I have no doubts I can manage that, if I make a commitment to do it.

I’ve been getting in the exercise and drinking more water than usual. Not enough. I need to start measuring the water. I do very well on my program, when I measure out the amount of water I need to drink. So, tonight before I go to bed, I’ll do that for tomorrow.   

As far as the exercise… I managed the 30 minutes 3x this week.  That along with my regular program of exercising during the commercial breaks. I really feel better when I get up and move!

I’ve checked in… a few hours early. Who knows, maybe if I waited to weigh in tomorrow morning, I’d show a loss. Oh well… there we have it. Tonight I’m working on my plan for the next week. Without a plan, I’m basically falling back into old eating habits…

Have a great week everyone!  


Healthy You 2008 Challenge Week Four

Ohmy goodness! I forgot to check in on week four (my 2nd week) of the plan! My son’s friend was killed in a car accident and his memorial service was on Tuesday. Now there is something that takes your breath away. Life can change in an instant. Friends since kindergarden, the boys graduated high school in June of 2006…. young men, 20 year olds, not really boys… but when you think about the shortness of his life… he was a boy. 

Earlier this week my 22 year old (boy with the broken heart), announced he’s moving out to the midwest. Ohmy goodness… I have mixed emotions here. First of all, he took a break from college. I want him to complete his degree before he completely leaves the nest, but I can see that isn’t happening this next year. He’s leaving a very good job…  I know he can go out there and find something in his field, so that doesn’t concern me as much as it seems.  I don’t want to be an over bearing mom, I’ve let my children do what they think they need to do. So I’m not saying much to him about this. I expressed my opinion to him, and I think that’s the best I can do right now. It didn’t change his mind. He’s packing up his belongings and heading east in a few short weeks.

I’m not anywhere near meeting my challenges this week. I could easily blame it on stress. But the plain truth is, I simply didn’t try to stay with the program. I wonder why I have this mentality… when I go off plan with one food item, all of a sudden I think, well I blew it today, so I can have whatever I want to eat the rest of the day.  I know it’s something I need to work on. I haven’t figured out a sollution for the problem.

I have been getting in more exercise, but 30 minutes straight hasn’t worked out very well this week. Partially because I think I’m somewhat depressed. I’d rather stay in bed… curled up with my fluffy comforters and a good book or watching television. I have a real ‘take me away from it all’ mentality this week. However, I make myself get up, shower, and get ready for my day as if I’m heading out the door to go to something important. Right now, I wish I wasn’t a stay at home mom… I wish I had something I had to go do every single day. Sitting home alone sure isn’t working out for me right now. 

Okay, enough of the pity party. I’m going to take my fat butt out of this chair and go work off some of this stress… 

Oh and while I think about it,  Join with thousands of women, companies and organizations and cities across America on National Wear Red Day, Friday, February 1, 2008… tomorrow! Ha… maybe I’ll put on my red dress and hit the mall tomorrow. That sounds like a plan to me!

Healthy You 2008 Challenge Week One

Well, let me see what did I do this past week…

First of all, I’m not weighing in this week. I stepped on the scale a few days ago and I was thrilled with the results. But as far as that goes, my main focus here isn’t about losing the weight. I know if I continue to get up and move on the commercial breaks… and work out on a regular basis, the weight will come off.  After giving it some consideration, I have decided to weigh in on the first Tuesday of each month. 

For the most part I stuck with my plan. I’ve cut out most white foods. White flour, meaning soft white bread sandwiches are off the list, white pasta is off the list, and most anything from the  bakery is off the list. But I found some good whole wheat and nut bread I like. That is one trade off I enjoy! Whole wheat pasta… well, I’m not so hooked on it, but I’m willing to try out different varieties. Surely there will be one I like.

I didn’t stick with the no white rice this week. We had take out teriyaki one night. I didn’t have the extra sauce, but I did eat about half the rice served with my meal. As far as the soda… okay. One day I had soda. Why? It wasn’t even that great. Diet Dr. Pepper just doesn’t do it for me. I don’t think that will be a problem in the future. Now, regular Pepsi, Mt. Dew, or Dr Pepper might be a problem, but not the diet stuff.

I’ve done got up and moved… and that’s my main goal. I feel good about my first week!

Week #2 goals:

  • ZERO soda
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.
  • Cut out the white stuff… sugar, white flour, white rice, white potatoes
  • Enjoy the exercise! 30 minutes 3x this week added to my regular commercial breaks!

Okay, I’m off! I hope to visit several of my fellow challengers! I love the encouragement I’ve received so far, not only here on my own blog, but I’m talking about the encouragement I have received from reading your posts. You are all so amazing to me! Thanks!

Healthy You 2008 Challenge – Intro

Well, I did it! I signed myself up for the Healthy You  in 2008 Challenge. For all the Healthy You challengers, welcome! I’m George (a nickname I acquired when I was knee high to a grasshopper)… AKA GeorgieGirl. I live in Washington state with my DH and the three youngest of our six children. 

I have been working on my weight/lack of exercise issues since August 2007. I started out at 268 lbs. Today I weigh 255 lbs.

I’m a TV junkie. Not so much now, as I was back in August. But I admit to enjoying several television programs. Before I started my program, I could easily sit and do nothing, but watch tv and eat bon bons, and be perfectly happy to never get out of the big comfy lounge chair.  

But that’s changed a lot during the past few months. I challenged myself to get up and move during the commercial breaks. Moving includes anything from walking to the kitchen to get a glass of water, folding a load of clothes and putting them away, getting on the elliptical machine and exercising for five minutes, or getting out of the house for a 5 minute walk.  

This year I’m actually setting goals, but my main goal is to be healthy. To get healthy, I know I need to lose some weight, but getting up and moving is my main focus. This next week, along with my usual routine of getting up and moving during the commercial breaks, I challenge myself to get out and exercise 30 minutes 3x a week.

I look forward to getting to know all of the other Healthy You Challengers!