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I’m Home and I’m Motivated!

I got home last night about midnight. In a previous post, I talked about my embarrassment of having to ask for a seat belt extender on my flight to Oklahoma. Well… my little shopping trip to the grocery store and all the exercise I worked into my daily routine helped me!

I got the seat belt fastened without an extender! 

Let me tell  ya, I don’t intend to have to ask for a seat belt extender ever again in my travels.


Life’s Most Embarrassing Moments

Oh my gosh! I have had my fair share of embarrassing moments in life, but only a couple had to do with my weight.  This is one of my motivating factors in losing weight… I don’t ever want to go through this again.

One of my life’s most embarrassing moments happened in a theme park in Branson Missouri a few years ago. I was on the wildfire with a few of my dearest and closest friends. The attendant came around to make sure we were all secure in our seats. For some reason, it’s just not safe to drop 150 feet, flip yourself upside down through a corkscrew and a cobra roll, if you aren’t securely fastened to your seat. We thought we were secure in our seat belts. But noooo…. the attendant got us out of our seats and had us trade with some skinny kids. 

At least I was with my fat friends, so it wasn’t just me trading chairs on the roller coaster ride. At any rate, it was extremely embarrassing to make the move as a few dozen people watched.  I decided I would never go through that extreme embarrassment again. So far I haven’t. I’ve avoided theme park roller coasters like the plague.

Well… awhile back I flew out here to Oklahoma. I generally fly United.   This time I flew Delta. Now I know why I fly United.  Delta seats aren’t as big as United. I had to ask for a seat belt extender this trip! Oh my gosh! The flight attendant didn’t make a big deal out of it or anything. Actually, he was quite nice and discreet about it.  But I’m telling ya what… I am working my butt off (quite literally) to lose a size or two before I fly back home!

Center Stage Because It’s Time To Workout

This weekend we arranged our space once again. Last year I wrote about setting myself up for success. The following day I moved my elliptical machine stage left. We were using it daily because it was that convenient. Sometime during the past few months, the poor thing was moved out of the way and she started gathering dust. Well, she’s no longer stage left… she’s center stage! Sorry… no photos this time, but she’s right out center stage, along with the gazelle, in the best location for television viewing!

I know, I’ve heard all the comments about staying focused on the workout and my muscles when I’m working out. Well guess what… if I’m not on it, I’m not exercising and I’m certainly not focusing on my muscles.

Since moving her center stage, we are working out once again. I may be focusing on the television and not on exercising my muscles, but I’m working out instead of sitting on my big fat butt. I’ll focus on my muscles when I’m doing my strength training. Funny thing, when I’m watching a good movie while I’m on the elliptical machine, the time flies by. 

Our room is fairly big, so I have a huge open space for working out. I love it! It looks like a cozy gym, instead of a family room.  I still have the sofa, and three big recliners in there, so it’s really a family home gym. It makes me laugh when I think what our family will say when they see it.  We shouldn’t get bored with our workouts now.

The workout DVDs and weights are all organized and look good in the room, but are convenient, instead of hidden away.  We hooked up the game system again, so as a family, we can do the dance dance revolution workout.  Oh now that is addictive! I could spend all day trying to beat my previous score. 

I love it now that we rearranged the space!  It’s so true, when we set ourselves up for success, it’s hard to fail.

Evaluation of My Plan

I started this blog back on August 9th, 2007. For me it was all about exercise… and lack of. I decided to get up and move during the commercial breaks of my favorite television programs. Well, I do that now. You’ll rarely see me sitting through the commercials now days… so I’ve accomplished that.   

What about the weight loss? I still have over a hundred pounds to lose. Oh goodness… I don’t like seeing that in writing. But what have I done to lose the weight? Not much.

If I’m perfectly honest, my diet hasn’t changed much. Okay, so I’ve lost fewer than 15 pounds since August. But let me tell ya, that’s 15 pounds I don’t carry around anymore.  For the most part, all I’ve done is get up and exercise during the commercial breaks. I haven’t made super big changes to my diet.

 I’ve cut out a lot of the junk foods in my diet. I generally drink more water than I use to. I try to not drink much soda or juice. I try to keep fresh fruits and vegies visible, so when I want a snack, I’ll grab an apple instead of a snickers bar.  I don’t always reach for the fruit… a snickers bar sounds too good at times. I don’t always skip the french fries and I don’t always pass up the desserts.

I know if I passed up the junk foods, and always prepared a healthy, low cal meal, I’d lose faster. But I haven’t done that.

So…. today I’m sitting here reading my old posts. Catching up on the reasons I want to lose the weight. Catching up on the things I’ve done, seeing if any of the changes I made during the past five months are still part of my life, or did I go back to the old way?

So now, I’m back to reading my motivation… and I’m going to write out a plan as I attempt to figure out what I can do to lose more than 15 pounds during the next 5 months. Working out a plan that will work for me…