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Change of Plans

Well, due to a late flight heading to Denver, the kids got to spend another night with us. We got up and around this morning and took them back to the airport. I cried. I knew I’d cry.  I sent my darling daughter, son-in-law, and grand baby back home.

Instead of basking in a pity-party in our empty home, we spent the day in Seattle with our youngest son. Along with some shopping, we went to the Seattle Science Center and played some games and watched the laser light show. What 17 year old doesn’t want to spend the day at the science center with his mom and dad…   

I didn’t have my pedometer on today, but I have no doubts I got in my 10,000 steps before noon.


Out Of Control

Where to start. Well… okay, I’ll keep it brief and just say hubby and I had a big ol’ argument tonight. There we were, sitting at the dinner table with our boys, enjoying a decent conversation and eating dinner. Things changed in a matter of moments. I didn’t even try to control my temper… I got up from the table and went to the living room. I didn’t take my dinner with me. I left it on the table. So far… so good.

Wouldn’t it b e wonderful if it ended there! Of course, it didn’t. No… I started pigging out about 9:00 tonight… about half way through a bowl of ice cream I thought about what I was doing and why I was eating.

Was I looking for comfort in the bottom of that bowl? What’s comforting about eating alone? I wasn’t feeling comfort from the food. I was actually feeling an awful lot of guilt, not comfort.

Was I looking to get back at my dear hubby with an I’ll show you attitude. Hmmmm… I’ll show you what? How much control you actually have over my emotions? How much weight I can gain in an eating frenzy? I’ll show you…. you are married to a fat slob! Yeah… maybe that’s what I’ll show you.

I have to admit, I don’t like feeling like I do tonight. I feel like my eating is out of control. Whoa….not just my eating is out of control. I feel like my entire life is out of control.