I Couldn’t Resist

I’m not going to be working out today because I have a really bad headache. I was disapointed and had fears of failing if I don’t workout this day. But there is just no way. I know I can eat healthy, even though I’m not working out. But somewhere in my mind… and this is why I’m as fat as I am… I felt like this day is a lost day, no reason to think about healthy eating. Just feel better and eat whatever sounds good. Thank goodness, I didn’t feel like eating anything at all.

Anyway, I stepped on the scale. I don’t want to live by the scale and weigh daily. But it was there, and I stepped on it. I’m down a pound!  A pound since yesterday! I’m pretty excited! Seeing the one pound weight loss has given me hope! I can do this again!


So – So Weekend

We have healthy food in the house! Oh what a difference it makes to have healthy food on hand. The pantry was cleaned out and all snack foods were gone. I guess I should have talked to hubby because he thought he was being helpful last night and brought home my favorite snacky-type foods… cheetos! Oh no! He also bought a few bags of chips, and soda. My biggest problem though. He bought my all time favorite candy. York peppermint patties. OH No! Not just one! Noooo… I have a bag of them.

I managed to get in a lot of exercise on Saturday, but I didn’t do a thing on Sunday. Not even a walk around the house.

We had a lot of family and friends here helping us around the house on Saturday, and a big pizza party on Saturday night. Oh no! This morning my scale read 260, so I’m exactly where I started last week.

Only thing is, I’m up and moving again, so I’m not really where I started last week. When I look at the scale, there was no change. However, my body feels different. It isn’t taking everything I have to make it through a workout.

I’m excited to get this week off on a good roll. We are in the midst of an extremely hectic month. With our schedule tonight, there is no way to manage a home cooked meal, so we are picking up Subway. Mmmm! A light Subway sandwich, packed with all the vegies. Oh yum!  Along with a side of  sliced apples and a tall glass of water, I am looking forward to my dinner tonight!

We’ll have a housefull of friends and family this next weekend too. I’m planning ahead this time. There will be no pizza on the menu! This weekend may have been so-so, but my next weekend will be fantastic!

Made It Through The Week

It’s Friday! I worked out every day this week. My legs feel a whole lot better today.  I sure don’t want to quit working out and have to go through that pain ever again.  I think water is really helping.

I’ll be shopping tomorrow so I can stock up my kitchen with healthy food. I know I should go through the pantry and toss out all the bad foods. It’s hard to do in this economy.  Hubby is back to work, but I still think about how tight we were living during the layoff.

I think I can toss the junk food into the box and donate to the food bank.  But then I think about it, and it feels a little unethical. Know what I mean? If it’s unhealthy for me to be munching on chips and twinkies…. blah blah blah

I’ll have to think about it.

For now, I’m happy to have 5 days of exercise done and over with. I’m happy. I feel better about my future weight loss plan. At the beginning of the week, I felt so pitiful. Like I was a failure at just about everything I’ve ever started. Although, I know it isn’t true. It has to do with my food and exercise. It’s not about my entire life.

I plan to exercise tomorrow, and go for a walk on Sunday. I probably won’t be blogging through the weekend.  I hope to have a good report on Monday! Have a great weekend my friends!

Day Three Of New Beginnings

I got up and exercised first thing this morning. Once I get it out of the way, I feel like I can manage anything. I stepped on the scale and it read the same as yesterday. I didn’t think it would go down without some sort of change in my diet, but I was happy to see it hadn’t gone up.

I can’t believe how sore my legs were this morning. Tonight my thighs are really sore.  No leg exercises for me tomorrow.  I think I need to spend more time warming up and cooling down. Maybe drinking more plain water will also be helpful.

I picked up some fruit and a few healthy frozen dinners to tide me over for this week.  I really don’t want to focus too much on the food changes right now. I think I’ll feel too overwhelmed. I’m still trying to pick myself up from the realization I gained back almost all the weight I had lost.  I don’t like the feeling of failure, but that’s what I feel like. Okay… enough of the pity party. I really need to move on here and get over this.

So day three and I’m doing okay so far!