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Back Tracking But Moving Forward

Just over a month ago I decided to start the Atkins program. Well…. it’s not working out. I started having some health issues. Kidney issues to be specific…

So.  Here I am, ready to move on.

What now? Exercise will continue to be my main focus. I know it’s key to having a healthy heart. Strength training, cardio, and walking is in my rotation plan. As far as diet, I’m going to continue to cut way back on the processed wheat flour, sugar,  white rice, and white potatoes. But I’ll be eating healthy portions of fruits, vegies, low fat dairy, fish, poultry, and lean cuts of meat. I need 1200 – 1500 calories daily to lose 1-2 pounds a week. I hate counting calories! I absolutely hate it. But I’m going to make this work for me.

I actually changed my eating habits a few days ago and I feel so much better. Kidneys seem to be functioning normally… time will tell.  But I know for sure, I have to lose weight for my health.


Weekly Check In August 5th 2008

Weigh in 8/5/08

  • Starting weight 268
  • Today’s weight 252
  • Weekly weight loss 4 pounds
  • Total weight loss 14 pounds

    What have I done well this week?

    • Dear hubby and I celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary. I planned ahead, so I didn’t go off the atkins plan during our meals.
    • There was a church dinner this week. I found it challenging to plan a potluck dinner atkins style. I ended up buying a couple of big packs of chicken legs and thighs. I seasoned the chicken and roasted it. I steamed a package of fresh broccoli, and took a big leafy green salad with cheese, bacon, and grilled chicken. I think the salad was my favorite part of my Sunday dinner. There are several guys at church low-carbing it, so they all prepared low carb dishes too. There was no lack of variety for us at the dinner.
    • I drank plenty of water and liquids. Measuring out my water in the morning has really helped me keep track of how I’m doing with my water intake.

     Where I need to make improvements this next week:

    • I need to make strength training a priority this week so I don’t miss a planned day.
    • I need to make the time to log on here to post in my blog more often.

     What I have learned this week.

    Last week I set up my goals, as listed in the sidebar. One of my goals was to limit myself to 3 diet sodas throughout the week. I added it as a goal, because for the past few weeks, I’ve been drinking regular sugary sodas without even thinking about what I was doing. Adding the goal of 3 diet sodas worked for me. I actually only had 2 diet sodas all week long.

    I worked on my issue from last week. I rewarded myself with an evening out with my friends…. sticking to the atkins plan, but it was a lot of fun.