Back Side Of The Moon

We are moving way out in the country. The air is clean and the night sky is beautifully lit up by the moon… not the neighbor’s yard lights.  We have horses in a back pasture, cows in the front pasture, and a garden in the side pasture.

It’s beautiful and oh so peaceful.

We were so excited to move out there. It seemed too good to be true. Well… there are trade offs we didn’t know about, or we may not be moving out there at all.  There isn’t internet service. We can sign up for dial-up internet. Say what? I didn’t even know dial up was still around. At first I was panic stricken. For the first time since 1994 I will be without internet.  I have internet here at my old home right up until this Thursday…  I’m going to miss my webcam visits with my babies in the midwest.

At the new home, there is no wireless anything. No cell service? Oh no!  There isn’t going to be any satelite television…  It isn’t available because of the big evergreen trees.  At least we think that’s the reason it isn’t available. As far as we can tell,  there is no digital television at all.  The techie guy was trying to help us figure it out, but he said it’s not available.  For now, we have blurry, at best, television, right up until the big switch over to digital.

Modern technology has kept me sane while my children and grandbabies are living so far from me. I think lack of daily communication with photos and baby giggles is going to be the hardest part of moving off the grid.

I figure with all this open country air, I’ll be getting a lot of exercise. My boys are looking forward to being ranchers, and I know from my own childhood, how much hard physical work is involved, and they’ll need help from mom too. My garden is already in the works… and the workout room is ready for my gym equipment. I don’t think lack of exercise is going to be a problem. Thank goodness for the big spa tub in my bathroom.

We’ll have meals prepared with vegetables grown right in our own back yard. I’m sure our meals will be a lot healthier.  As long as I don’t go all old school in the kitchen, and start baking homemade bread and apple pies daily, I think our diet will be a lot healthier.

I’m excited to start living the country life.

It’s a road trip back into (small) town… full blown vacation to make it to the city! But I’ll be checking my email once in awhile if anyone wants to email me.

This country girl is signing off for now…

Decisions Decisions! Eat This or Eat That?

We are in the midst of a life changing move here. I know, in past months I mentioned we were moving. We ended up not moving back then. Now we are in the midst of moving. Oh my goodness! Thirty years in the same home.  This move has been fairly hectic. We are about to have one whale of a moving sale. I’m tired of sorting and packing. Now I’m sorting and flinging. Flylady would be proud of my new attitude.

Add in the stresses of life… such as I mentioned in yesterday’s post.  Plus the joys of  prom week and tux fittings. I know.  I know. An 18 year old can get his own tux fitted… but hey, it’s a photo op for mom 😉 I’m finding it difficult to figure out meals. Not only healthy meals… I’m talking about meals for the family.  I do not know how to do this.

More than one day this past week I had to tell the boys dinner is in the freezer.  Thank goodness for healthy choices.  But there have been times I haven’t been home at meal time. More than once this week we’ve done the drive through at a greasy burger joint.  Well. Thank goodness for a little government involvement in some aspects of our lives.  The calorie count is posted right there on the menu. So going through the drive through now, I can figure out what I want to eat, based on the calorie count. I didn’t realize this until last night. Where have I been?

Based on the calorie count, I chose a fried sampler  over the burger I generally order. I saved myself about 1,000 calories! Who would have thought it. I know… deep fried. I know! It won’t happen often. But we had to eat while we were driving down the freeway… I can’t do healthy subway while eating in the car. It doesn’t work for me.  Good thing about the deep fried sampler. I shared it with hubby, saving even more calories than I would have with a burger and fries.

Today my decisions were made early. I’m packing extra carrot sticks, apples, and string cheese into my ice chest.  Plus I am scheduling dinner into my busy plans.

Keeping On Keeping On

Not much to update you with me. I weighed in and all is good. I’ve been keeping up with my daily workout and long walks.

My walk yesterday was through the halls of the trauma center in Seattle. One of my lifelong girlfriends was in a car accident and airlifted to the hospital this past week.

She’s swollen… broken… bruised… and there are what looked like a dozen tubes connected to her. We stood next to her bed and talked quietly. She isn’t conscious.  I wanted to hold her hand. But I refrained from touching her for fear of hurting her even more.

She has been conscious a time or two this past few days. Even though she has a serious head injury,  she knows who she is. She knows she is moving into a new home. She knows the colors in her new home. They think she is going to be okay.

Will she walk? Her back is broken and she hasn’t moved her right leg. She has broken arms, ribs, collar bone, etc.

I’m thinking of selling my car with the sunroof. She is blessed to be alive.

Blessed to have family and friends by her side.

I’m stressed. I’m not over eating due to stress. This has had the opposite effect on me this time… I haven’t got an appetite for anything. I just walk.

This Has To Stop

I don’t want to weigh myself every single day. But I did it again. I stepped on the scale first thing this morning. Good news! I’m down another pound!

Headache was gone, so I got right back on the band wagon and did a mini-work out.  I’ve been so busy today, I didn’t do much sitting down. So even though the workout was a short one, I wasn’t a couch potato all day long.

My eating plan is right on track for 1300 calories for the day. I’m keeping fruit out on the counter so it’s right there, easy snack to reach for.

I don’t plan to get on the scale until next Monday. But then again, I didn’t plan to step on the scale this morning.  It just happened. It has to stop.