Monthly Archives: October 2008

Culture Shock On The Diet

Here in Oklahoma the people I hang out with tend to eat much different than we do back home in Seattle. At home we are more likely to steam, broil, bake, grill, or eat it raw. Here… it’s dipped into batter and deep fried. It does not matter what it is. Chicken, fish, broccoli, brownies, pickles… YUK! 

I went shopping for my own healthy groceries.  I found a wonderful, high fiber, flat bread to make my sandwiches with. It’s seasoned with Italian herbs and my sandwiches are so yummy and filling, it’s all I have for lunch. I picked up some fresh fruit for snacks, and a high fiber, great tasting cereal for my breakfast.  The water is nasty! So I’m drinking filtered water, but not enough of it. I stocked up on green tea, black tea, and some V8 juice to help me get through without drinking plain filtered water.

It’s been an interesting change in the diet, but hopefully I’m back on track. I really want to lose enough weight so I don’t have to use the seat belt extender on my flight home.


Life’s Most Embarrassing Moments

Oh my gosh! I have had my fair share of embarrassing moments in life, but only a couple had to do with my weight.  This is one of my motivating factors in losing weight… I don’t ever want to go through this again.

One of my life’s most embarrassing moments happened in a theme park in Branson Missouri a few years ago. I was on the wildfire with a few of my dearest and closest friends. The attendant came around to make sure we were all secure in our seats. For some reason, it’s just not safe to drop 150 feet, flip yourself upside down through a corkscrew and a cobra roll, if you aren’t securely fastened to your seat. We thought we were secure in our seat belts. But noooo…. the attendant got us out of our seats and had us trade with some skinny kids. 

At least I was with my fat friends, so it wasn’t just me trading chairs on the roller coaster ride. At any rate, it was extremely embarrassing to make the move as a few dozen people watched.  I decided I would never go through that extreme embarrassment again. So far I haven’t. I’ve avoided theme park roller coasters like the plague.

Well… awhile back I flew out here to Oklahoma. I generally fly United.   This time I flew Delta. Now I know why I fly United.  Delta seats aren’t as big as United. I had to ask for a seat belt extender this trip! Oh my gosh! The flight attendant didn’t make a big deal out of it or anything. Actually, he was quite nice and discreet about it.  But I’m telling ya what… I am working my butt off (quite literally) to lose a size or two before I fly back home!