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Sorry, You’re Too Fat To Eat Here

A Mississippi state lawmaker wants to ban restaurants from serving food to obese customers – but please, don’t be offended.

My goodness. My thoughts about this are fairly random….

  • Shouldn’t lawmakers be spending their time on more important issues…. reducing crime.
  • Deal with health insurance issues first.
  • Is the state going to supplement the restaurant’s loss of revenue?
  • Spend your state money to give fat people access to a gym.
  • Start a program to encourage obese people to participate in state funded organized support groups.
  • Not all obese people are fat because they over eat… hmmmm…. let me see… lack of exercise certainly has something to do with it.
  • How do you determine who’s obese? *Step on the scale sir… Okay. Now let me check this BMI chart*
  • What is the punishment for letting obese people eat in a restaurant? Community service? Time in the pokey?

I could go on… and on…. but I won’t. This is worse than the whole ‘big brother’s watching you’ issue, if you ask my opinion.

Yeah… some things just make ya go hmmmm….