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The Right Diet Plan For Me

After a lot of thought and consideration about my diet plan, I have decided to go on the Atkins plan. I read a couple of the Atkins books. The Atkins plan has been in the news quite a bit here in the last couple weeks because of a new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine.   Seeing the results of the two year study helped me with my decision. Those on the Atkins diet improved their cholesterol and lost weight.

This isn’t going to be that much of a change. We’ve been cutting out white bread, white rice, and sugar… for the most part anyway. This next couple of weeks I’m on what the plan refers to as the induction phase. I cut my carbs down to a maximum of 20 carbs a day.  Basically about 3 cups of non-starchy vegies each day along with my meats, cheese, and eggs.

I know a couple people on the Atkins plan and they are doing great. It’s wonderful to have a local support group!

I’m excited!